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Hot Condiment co is a single release condiment project established in Glasgow in 2021, with a clear vision of bringing something new and exciting to the condiment scene. Founder Garry has drawn on his 12 years of experience as a chef to bring you a range of hot and spicy jarred goods for everyday culinary use. OOHLALA condiments are created for multipurpose use and can be enjoyed as a stand alone table condiment or as part of an ingredient in your day-to-day cooking. With each release we will bring you suggestions of how to optimise your journey in flavour town. Watch this space for some exciting collaborations and projects with our friends around the Glasgow hospitality community.

Single batch, all natural, handmade, hot condiments.
No added preservatives, additives, thickeners, binders, colourings or stabilisers.

It is time to spice up your pantry, let's go condi-mental!